Deer Processing

Basic Processing (Boneless)

Cut, Wrap, Freeze, and Disposal (Bones & Waste)


You Keep Hide


Caping (Labor and Hide)




Grinding your Trimmings ($5.00 minimum)


Pork addition for burger


Beef addition for burger


Bulk Sausage (Polish, Italian, Hot Italian, Bratwurst, Country)


Stuffed Sausage


Summer Sausage, Bologna, Pepper Bologna

$2.50/lb (Raw Weight)

Summer Sausage with Cheese


Hunter Sticks

$3.00/lb (Raw Weight)

Pressed Jerky (Original, Jalapeno, BBQ, Teriyaki, Cajun)

$3.50/lb (Raw Weight)

Custom Seasoning (Hot, Garlic, etc.)

add 50¢/lb

A $25.00 deposit is required when deer is dropped off.

Our processing and recipes are made in individual batches, they are not bulked together!
Remember, you get your own meat back!

Deer must be picked up within three (3) days of notification due to limited freezer space.
If not picked up, a storage fee of $10.00 per week will be assessed.

*Cooked prices include pork addition.
*All prices are for the raw product weight.
*Minimum batch weight is 12½ pounds for sausage or cooked product.

If you have any other questions reqarding our processing services or pricing,
feel free to contact us by phone at (574) 287-0091.

We appreciate your business and wish you good hunting!